Bright Vision Hospital Patient Safety Week


At Bright Vision Hospital (BVH), patient safety has always been the number one priority. Protecting our patients from injuries, accidents or errors is the responsibility of all BVH staff.

To reiterate the point of making the hospital a safe place for all patients, BVH held the Patient Safety Week under the theme “Target Zero Harm” on 5 October 2017. The event was in collaboration with SingHealth Duke-NUS Patient Safety Week, which ran from 2 to 6 October 2017.

BVH Medical Director, Prof Lee Kheng Hock, opened the session by addressing the crowd with an inspiring speech: “Patient safety involves all of us, and each of us has a role to play. Our target is zero harm. To achieve the target, we must work together.”

Senior Patient Care Assistant Maslinda Binte Hasim Pawiro then invited all attending staff to recite the “Patient Safety Advocate Pledge”.

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BVH Medical Director, Prof Lee Kheng Hock, addresses the crowd.

To recognise the contribution of the staff that prevented potential harm to our patients, five colleagues from various departments were awarded “Patient Safety Champions”. They include Senior Staff Nurse Sugeeta Ramadas, Senior Staff Nurse Ahmad Zahid Bin Mohd, Staff Nurse Naw Aye Kyawt Khine, Senior Staff Nurse Hnin Aye, and Staff Nurse Jemabelle A. Tolosa.


Five colleagues are awarded “Patient Safety Champions”.

Another five colleagues who were involved in Quality Improvement projects on patient safety were also presented with the “Q.I. Champions” award. The team includes Senior Dietitian Lock Poh Leng for her involvement in “Accurate Feeding Consistency” project; Nursing Officer Yeung Chee Yan for her role in “Fall Prevention Rangers” project; Senior Nursing Officer Zhao Rui Hong on “NGT Visual Cues” project; Nursing Officer Amudha Jayachandran on “Urinary Bag Innovation” project; Nursing Officer Rodona Dela Paz Labuanan on “Hand Hygiene” project; and Senior Quality Management Executive Lim Kien Ann for his advocacy on Quality Improvement.


Colleagues receive “Q.I. Champions” award.

Serious topics aside, the event organisers also prepared a few fun activities for the audience, including a video on “Patient Safety Journey” produced by the talented nurses at BVH. While educating staff on how to spot potential harm to patients and act appropriately under different circumstances, the light-hearted tone and the genial performance of our colleagues in the video filled the hall with laughter.

One of the highlights was a game, in which colleagues were called on stage to play different roles to help keep a patient from harm. The near-slapstick acting of our Senior Enrolled Nurse, Mr Ching Hock Hai, who played the patient in the game, aroused rounds of laughter among the audience.


Colleagues are called on stage to play the game.

The event concluded with a firm note: Let no patient who comes through our doors be harmed. This is a goal that all BVH staff strives for.


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