At Bright Vision Hospital, we believe that the positivity within us touches the people around us with warmth and joy.

As we serve needy patients who require immediate and long-term medical care, we inspire volunteers and community partners to step forward and contribute.

Growth and Development of Volunteers


To help our new volunteers understand their unique role and integrate into BVH better, orientation programmes are conducted regularly.

Through the orientation, new volunteers will be equipped with better understanding of BVH and the diverse activities available at the Hospital. Our therapists also share with the volunteers knowledge on handling patients with reduced mobility.  This aids in their interaction with our patients.

BVH’s volunteers are also encouraged to attend talks organised by the Hospital.    During these talks, volunteers pick up knowledge that adds value to their experience. This is mutually beneficial for both our volunteers and patients.

BVH recognises the contribution of all volunteers.  On our Volunteers Appreciation Day, all regular volunteers are treated to a sumptuous meal and Long Service Awards are presented to long serving volunteers. 

At the same time this Volunteer Appreciation Day serves as a gathering for all BVH’s volunteers.  It creates an opportunity for volunteers to share their experience in the hospital with one another.